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[Drm-elimination-crew] Let's organize for the International Day Against

From: Zak Rogoff
Subject: [Drm-elimination-crew] Let's organize for the International Day Against DRM! (May 3)
Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2016 11:50:57 -0400
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Hi everyone,

I'm Zak, the Defective by Design/FSF campaigns manager. We just launched
the first announcement about Day Against DRM 2016 [1] and I expect some
new people to be joining the list. Welcome!


Event planners make the Day what it is! By making a space for people in
your community to organize against Digital Restrictions Management, you
are furthering our movement in a way that I simply cannot sitting from
my computer in Washington, DC.

To support you, I wanted to draw everyone's attention to the event
planning guide specifically [2] and put out a general offer of support
for anyone who'd like to plan an event. The planning guide includes
links to lists of events from previous years, which you might find
useful as inspiration.

2: https://www.defectivebydesign.org/dayagainstdrm#planning

# Want help planning an event?
If you want to plan an event but need help from others in your area,
this list is a great place to reach out! Don't hesitate to send an email
with a request for co-organizers. I'll also track them and look out for
opportunities to put people in touch.

# Questions?
Please send them to this group, either in this thread or others, so that
others can benefit from the discourse. If we have enough frequently
asked questions, we might even start an FAQ for event planners on the
LibrePlanet wiki [3]. Speaking of which, that wiki is completely at your
disposal for any collaboration you'd like to do around the International
Day Against DRM.

3: https://www.libreplanet.org

# List your event on LibrePlanet
Once events are added to the list on LibrePlanet [4] people will start
seeing them and getting in touch with organizers to confirm their
attendance or offer help. Don't wait to list your event there!


# Don't forget about the IRC channel
The #dbd channel on Freenode is a good place for real-time
communications, and a fast way to get ahold of me with a question. I'm
Zakkai there and I'm online ~10:00 - 18:00 EDT on weekdays (but don't be
surprised if you see me lurking there at all hours of day and night --
such is the life of an organizer).

Here's to an awesome Day Against DRM!
Zak Rogoff // Campaigns Manager
Free Software Foundation

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