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[Drm-elimination-crew] Google Play Still Have DRM Content

From: Aaron Johnson
Subject: [Drm-elimination-crew] Google Play Still Have DRM Content
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2014 20:47:13 -0600

Dear DRM Elimination Crew,
Google Play is still selling DRM content. Before you ever go to the Google Play store; consider this:
People who own their content are still using DRM. Some people are upset because it inhibits fair-use, and personal use of a content. Sadly Google Play didn't provide royalty-free versions of their content. For example; you want a royalty-free copy of an album for your movie production without DRM, and you licensed your work under Creative commons license, so others can safely use it. You had trouble with this album because you found a copy that you didn't expected to purchase from Google Play. Obtaining permissions from creators is nothing, but difficult. Google Plays unfair practice with DRM products are polluting our web, and the environment. Controversial product-keys can be found on each product. Not even 1 free product that is safe to use. Most content that we use everyday comes from Google Play. Corrupted copyright-holders, and copyright owners are may be to blame. This DRM outbreak online needs to be stopped. Google Play didn't setup a built-in royalty-free version of their store at all!! This is the worse outrage what Google Play did to all of our creators. 
Boycotting DRM is the must for the world. 
If you wished to reuse content online, consider finding royalty-free content that is available, including CC-licensed; and public domain content. Many people didn't even go for royalty-free, CC-licensed, or public domain content; and bought content from Google Play anyway. 
Google Play had abused lots of users who bought content that is protected with DRM, it also caused poor services to lose lots of customers. Google Play is too corrupted with DRM.
Sincerly, Aaron Johnson
If you'll never EVER going to support DRM content, and this online abuse from Google Play; don't buy content from them; go for open-source alternatives, including CC-licensed, public domain, and royalty-free content. Let's boycott Google play, the DRM thug who caused lots of issues.

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