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[Drm-elimination-crew] Call to Action! Let's Draft an FAQ

From: Kẏra
Subject: [Drm-elimination-crew] Call to Action! Let's Draft an FAQ
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2013 17:18:53 -0400

Dear DRM Elimination Crew,

As we face the threat of Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) infecting the fabric of the Web itself, our campaign against DRM is more important than ever and we need your help. We are putting together a DRM Frequently Asked Questions list, and you can contribute by drafting questions and answers on this LibrePlanet wiki page: http://libreplanet.org/wiki/Group:Defective_by_Design/Frequently_Asked_Questions. Once that is finalized, we will compile your submissions and publish the FAQ on the Defective by Design website.

In the course of our campaign against Netflix, we've noticed some honest questions and misconceptions that keep coming up, and this list of frequently asked questions will serve as an invaluable resource to be able to swiftly respond to those concerns and the misinformation spreading from Netflix's press kit.

Our #CancelNetflix campaign keeps gaining momentum! In our efforts to block Netflix, Google, Apple, and Microsoft from co-opting the W3C and injecting their DRM scheme into HTML5, many have already joined us in calling for a boycott of Netflix subscriptions and convinced their friends and family to do so as well, but we need ways to keep the pressure on. If you have any action ideas regarding Netflix or DRM on the web, we'd love to hear them! Get in touch by emailing us at address@hidden or visiting #dbd on Freenode.

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