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[Drm-elimination-crew] Mobilization potential around the Valve Steam Box

From: Kẏra
Subject: [Drm-elimination-crew] Mobilization potential around the Valve Steam Box?
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2013 16:59:05 -0400

Valve is entering the console market with "Piston" which is the codename
for the Valve Steam Box. It will run GNU/Linux, but it will use Steam
DRM. It supposedly will not be Tivoized, but the DRM concern is huge.
Are there any good opportunities for anti-drm mobilization around
Valve entering the console market? They have a very loyal customer base,
and the most "friendly" drm, which make it a difficult but valuable
target. Thoughts?

There's also this ironic anti-drm group on Steam Community: 

Their official policy is only against 3rd party (non-steam) DRM, but
could still be an interesting group to tap in the future. 

Also the anti-drm campaigns for Xbox one and PS4: 

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