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Re: [Dr. Geo] Macro including scripts

From: Rafael Luque
Subject: Re: [Dr. Geo] Macro including scripts
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2021 19:14:16 +0100

Good hint, Kilaire.

I've tried with 2 points, the segment between them and the script to mark
that segment (see the attached image). The macro defined takes the 2 points
as inputs and the script result as its output.

When I execute the macro I get an error at "DrGeoScript64504876>>compute"
because "#style was sent to nil" (see also the attached image).

Maybe I don't understand something about macro construction in DrGeo.

Thank you.

El jue, 4 nov 2021 a las 14:11, Hilaire Fernandes (<hilaire@drgeo.eu>)

> Working for me. Try with a simpler script, because the one you showed us
> previously is hacking
> I noted a bug though when instantiating several time the same script,
> the parameters seems to be the same.
> Le 04/11/2021 à 12:18, Rafael Luque a écrit :
> > Hi all.
> >
> > I get an error trying to build a macro containing a script. I wonder if
> I'm
> > doing something wrong or if it is a feature not supported in Dr Geo.
> >
> > Thank you.
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