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From: Flynn C . Freddie
Subject: [DPGE-list] RE:
Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2007 08:53:15 -0800
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     Fifthly, I would  do  away with  those great  long compounded words; or
   It was very still in the twilight where they stood. The faint murmur of a 
prayer came down from above, and while it lasted both were as though held 
motionless by its mesmeric monotony. Then at the boom of the organ, the lads 
last shred of self-control vanished. He burst again into muffled weary sobs, 
the light from the furnace glistening redly on his streaming cheeks. It aint 
right, Uncle Jehiel. I feel as though I was murderin somethin! But I cant help 
it. Ill go, Ill do as you say, but --  
   Before he went into the house after his evening chores were done, he stopped 
for a moment and looked back at the cleft in the mountain wall through which 
the railroad left the valley. He had been looking longingly toward that door of 
escape all his life, and now he said good-by to it. Ah well, twant to be, he 
said, with an accent of weary finality; but then, suddenly out of the chill 
which oppressed his heart there sprang a last searing blast of astonished 
anguish. It was as if he realized for the first time all that had befallen him 
since the morning. He was racked by a horrified desolation that made his sturdy 
old body stagger as if under an unexpected blow. As he reeled he flung his arm 
about the pine tree and so stood for a time, shaking in a paroxysm which left 
him breathless when it passed. 
the meekest subject. I take a great interest in  these curiosities. Whenever

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