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[DPGE-list] Fw: persnoal business without your money

From: Everette Lugo
Subject: [DPGE-list] Fw: persnoal business without your money
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2007 16:38:47 -0700

Hello Dpge-list.

1. Receive the correspondence from our clients to your home address and ship it 
further according to our manager's instructions; 
2. Report to our manager of every delivered parcel or of every received check 
(every candidate will be included in managers lists) 
3. Repack received items following the instructions our manager will send to 
4. Receive money from our company for shipping and payment for each shipped out 
package. Money transfer method described below. we offer $24 for each shipped 
out box and 5% of each Money Order. 
It would be better if you cash checks at a cashing locations rather than in a 
5. Fill in the forms and papers as it will be shown in our managers 
instructions (you will receive an e-mail instruction for each box). 
6. Ship the package out using the specified shipping method (at this moment we 
mainly use MES. Every USPS office can ship it with 
EMS Global Express
7. Receive and cash Money Orders and Cashiers hCecks.
8. Transfer the money by Western Union to our company (our manager will give 
you the transfer address.
9. Check your e-mail 5-6 times a day  

Please send reply only on this email: address@hidden

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theSurena-The  Surena,  ruler  of  one  of  the  noblest  of the Parthian

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