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[Dpge-commits] StockCharts.com Score big with this one

From: StockCharts.com back
Subject: [Dpge-commits] StockCharts.com Score big with this one
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2006 11:50:30 +0100

Some s t o c ks moving higher, some moving lower. You need to be on the constant watch. I have something which may be of great use for you, the clever t r a der.
Buy buy buy that! The demand is rising for this product, so the stock is a thing to be used if you want to succeed in trading.
We have been keeping you posted on RR EF for the last
few days.We have watch ed the pri ce steadily climb up and down
it is really beginning to get inv estors excited as their
hopes begin to become a reality.

Its not to late. R REF is still at a good pr ice to get in
at just $0.75.

Some of the opportunities of this stock have been overlooked – don’t lose money by doing that!
Don’t knock on wood – just learn to be a pro trader, and the rest will flow!

We are expecting big news release tomorrow, that will
make the p rice Explod e!

Jump in with RR EF on Fri Morning and see just how
big your returns will be before the the p rice reaches the top.

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