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[Dpge-commits] CVS: dpge 3.19-11_Changes.txt,NONE,1.1 dpge,,1.2

From: Paul G. Allen <address@hidden>
Subject: [Dpge-commits] CVS: dpge 3.19-11_Changes.txt,NONE,1.1 dpge,,1.2
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 06:20:40 -0500

Update of /cvsroot/dpge/dpge
In directory subversions:/tmp/cvs-serv27509/dpge

Modified Files:
Added Files:
Log Message:
3.19-11 Changes

- New sorting for entities, particles, and dlights. All are sorted from back  
to front as seen from the camera.
- New single pass renderer for entities and particles. This eliminated some  
code, fixed some pransparency problems, and spead the engine up.
- Preliminary cos and sin table code for fast trig functions. This is nowherere
  near done (if it ever will be

--- NEW FILE ---
3.19-11 Changes

- New sorting for entities, particles, and dlights. All are sorted from back
  to front as seen from the camera.
- New single pass renderer for entities and particles. This eliminated some
  code, fixed some pransparency problems, and spead the engine up.
- Preliminary cos and sin table code for fast trig functions. This is nowhere
  near done (if it ever will be).

3.19-10 Changes

- Changed licensing to correct GNU GPL wording and copy permissions as
  instructed by the FSF.

3.19-9 Changes

- Began upgrading the particle engine to support textured particles.
- Optimized some of the math code by making new constants for PI functions.
  This eliminated many unneccessary divisions and multiplications.
- Fixed anisotropic filtering bug and re-enabled it.
- Moved quake2.conf to ./dpge.conf. Will move to ~/dpge.conf later.
- Made transparent entities work properly. I had to add code to cort entities
  by distance from the camera, as compared to the id way of sorting by

3.19-8 Changes

- Added support for getting supported resolutions from X server.
- Removed anisotropic filtering code because it was causing engine crashes
  when changing resolutions.
- Upgraded engine to full 24/32-bit support.
- Removed all PCX file code EXCEPT code for loading colormap necessary for
- Added hack to allow transparent textures using original Quake II textures.
  The converted textures do not have alpha values (they are 24-bit vs. 32) so
  a hack was necessary to allow the original "transparent" color (index 255) to
  be transparent.
- Removed some more useless code.

3.19-7 Changes

- Removed ref_*.so files from project.
- Integrated ref_gl.so into main executable. DPGE no longer supports anything
  other than GLX 1.3 and OpenGL 1.2 or higher.
- Began adding experimental 3D Texture code for volumetric effects.
- Began adding code for shadow mapping with hardware that supports it.
- Removed files/trees that are no longer in use.
- Some code cleanup.

3.19-6 Changes

- Branched code into new DPGE engine tree

3.19-5 Changes

- Fixed Makefile.i386 for Linux builds.
- Fixed code so that srticmp() calls no longer caused problems in Linux
- Added error reporting if a DL fails to load in Linux. dlerror() is used
  upon DLL load failure to report the error that caused the failure. This
  should greatly assist in debugging.
- Replaced ref_gl Mesa code with GLX code. ref_gl now uses standard GL and GLX
  for OpenGL support under Linux.
- Enabled GL extensions for GeForce 2 and GeForce 3 cards.
- Fixed brightness control for Linux/GLX.
- Increased number of supported resolutions to 9 from the previous 3 in
- Added world fog support with the commands "sv fog <i>", "sv fogr <f>",
  "sv fogg <f>, and "sv fogb <f>. <i> is an integer where 0 = no fog and
  anything else is the fog density * 100. <f> is color intensity for RGB (as
  delineated in the command names) from 0 - 1, with 1 being brightest and 0
  being off. This change resulted in upping the rev. for the game engine,
  the game DLL, and the video refresh DLLs.
- Moved new Makefile.i386 to Makefile.linux and restored original
- Added configure.mk for configuring Linux builds more easily.
- Added release.sh and debug.sh scripts to allow easier copying of binaries
  from build directories to game directories.
- Added REAME.LINUX containing instructions for configure.mk usage.
- Added NS2 rules to Makefile.linux

3.18 Changes

- "Water surfing" that was present in 3.17 has been fixed (holding jump while
  on the surface of water let you swim at full speed).
- Environment maps (env) are now autodownloaded (if allow_download_maps is set).
- Spectator support added.  A new cvar is built into the client, "spectator"
  Setting it to value other than "0" will allow you join a game as a spectator.
  While in spectator mode, you can press the attack button to enter a chasecam
  mode and follow other players.  Using the inventory keys (by default the
  left and right square brackets) you can switch between players in the game
  while using the chasecam.
  You may enter and leave spectator mode while connected.  Doing so resets
  your score to zero.
  ***The new spectator support requires a new game.dll and may not work for
  user mods until they update their code.  The default game.dll that comes
  with 3.18 supports chasecam as well as the new included Xatrix game.dll.
- Fixed it so that when a model defaults to male/grunt (don't have the
  necessary model or skin for the player), VWep support is still enabled.
- New console command for players, "playerlist".  This will cause the server
  to give you a text list of the players on the server, including their
  connect time, score, ping and spectator status.  This is handy if not
  everyone fits on the scoreboard on busy servers.
- New cvar for the game.dll:  spectator_password.  If set to a value (other
  than "none"), users must set their spectator variable to this value in order
  to join the server as a spectator.  This password is independant of the
  normal user password.
- New cvar for the game.dll:  maxspectators (defaults to 4).  This value is
  not seperate from maxclients (a spectator is still a client).
- New cvar for the game.dll:  sv_maplist.  This can be set to a list of map
  names that the server should autorotate through, rather than using the
  nextmap set in the actual map files themselves.
  For example:  set sv_maplist "base1 q2dm1 q2dm3 fact3" will cause the server
  to rotate through those maps.
  ***This requires a game.dll update and will not work with user mods until
  they update their code.
- A new facility has been added to ClientConnect() in the game.dll to allow
  the game.dll to pass a message back to the user for the reason of disallowing
  a connection.  It is done by setting a key of "rejmsg" in the passed userinfo.
  For example:
  Info_SetValueforKey(userinfo, "rejmsg", "Password required or incorrect.");
- The server cvar, password, may be set to "none" to clear the password.  This
  is needed because rcon can not set a blank password.
- New server cvar:  sv_airaccelerate.  This controls the optional air
  acceleration facility.  The default value is 0, which disables air control.
  The usual value to replicate the air control seen in the original Quake and
  later versions of Quakeworld is 10.  10 allows for much more
  air control (as was seen in 3.15).  This value is ignored in single player
  and coop.
- Fixed NoSuchFrame/BAD_MODELTYPE errors when doing a vid_restart while
- NoSuchFrame errors now include model name to assist in debugging user mods.
- Fixed the remote status query response (ServerInfo) to not include error 
  messages and be more consistent.

Index: dpge
RCS file: /cvsroot/dpge/dpge/dpge,v
retrieving revision
retrieving revision 1.2
diff -C2 -r1.1.1.1 -r1.2
Binary files /tmp/cvsYw3tdQ and /tmp/cvsmcJoDI differ

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