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[Dotgnu-announce] decommissioning dotgnu?

From: Karl Berry
Subject: [Dotgnu-announce] decommissioning dotgnu?
Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2012 22:49:15 GMT

(Sorry for the cross-posting, but it seemed warranted.  I picked a few of
what looked like the most prominent dotgnu lists.)

rms and I are seeking feedback on officially decommissioning dotgnu.  As
far as we can tell, the project has been moribund for quite a while,
with one exception: libjit.  Aleksey Demakov has still been working on
libjit, and rms has recently made that a separate package under its own
name.  Neither we nor Aleksey are aware of any other recent dotgnu
development.  We have not gotten replies to queries over the last few
months to various individuals and lists (some of which are on this

So, barring replies to the contrary, we plan to mark the dotgnu and
dotgnu-pnet (and dotgnu-forum) packages as decommissioned.  The sources
and web pages will stay around, with suitable notices; we'll move the
releases on to the old-gnu/ area.

Thus, if anyone comes forward with time and willingness to revive the
project, that can easily be done.  But for now, it seems best to
recognize what is (as best we can tell) the reality.

Please let me know if we have missed notable information about any of
this.  Please reply to me individually and address@hidden, no need
to multiply the thread on all the lists.

Karl (on behalf of rms and GNU)

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