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Re: [Dolibarr-user] Several question

From: Bardot Jérôme
Subject: Re: [Dolibarr-user] Several question
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2019 12:02:41 +0100
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First thx

Le 20/02/2019 à 13:43, Stéphane Rivière a écrit :
> Hi Jérôme,
>> I want to know how stable is the last version. I use dolibarr for one
>> company and one associations. (it will grow up)
> I use it for dev purposes and in production too at the end of the
> month. But your mileage may vary depending the modules used. Globally,
> I trust this release.
For some modules are quite important and not really add the industry
level needed (ldap). (i know it’s just a matter of time/money, it’s not
blaming here) I currently hope i will can dedicate a developper to that
task but i need more income before. Organisations need to have one
identification system and ldap is the good way, another point for me the
calendar module should only be a way to link data to a caldav server.
It’s look a better long term solution for me. The same for file and
>> I use ldap for user backend with a postgresql database. Will you provide
>> a .deb with option to choose database ? (maria vs pgsql)
> Your answer here (searched for .deb dolibarr) :
i know there is a .deb but last time i try it only support mysql if i
remember well (like you say it ). An example of code to achieve that is
in the old dotclear debian package.
> So, if the wiki is up to date, the answer is no. If you need a high
> level and reliable database as Postgresql, you may consider using
> nginx instead of apache and PHP 7.2/3 to achieve maximum performance.
> By the way, I can give you a valid nginx setup for production. If you
> planned to do xdebug sessions (for devlp around Dolibarr) I've tune
> the right (and not obvious) nginx setup too...

For version i follow repository version, i currently no have the
manpower to maintain several custom version.  i prefer by the way
improve debian/devuan packages it’s look like smarter for me.

Why nginx instead apache ? there is some benchmark ? The webserver is
not only use for dolibarr such move need to be thought and ask "lot" of
time. I also use itk mod. there is an alternative for nginx.

But you can provide me nginx conf files, for my testing server.

>> For association Member & group Member is currently not working on my
>> server, it only want to use uuid but i use fusionforge and there is no
>> uuid for groups.
> I don't have the answer. If nobody else answer this very specific
> question here, then the Dolibarr source code should be your friend.
I know that for why i ask, i need more time (like everybody i guess ^^ )
>> Other question, there is a way, to import or through the api the list of
>> modules which need to be activate and to setup the configuration.
> You wonder how to automate a Dolibarr setup ?
Yes, for dev and for production. My goal if i can it’s to provide
something like a saas solution in order to have income i can use for dev.
> All the best,
> Stéphane
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