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[Dolibarr-user] V6.0.0 change in form behavior?

From: Torsten Appelhagen
Subject: [Dolibarr-user] V6.0.0 change in form behavior?
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2017 22:00:50 +0200
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Hello once more.

Now that I successfully updated to v6, I encountered 2 more issues.

1. input fields now are only shown as a grey line, multiline fields as grey frame (theme is "eldy"). This is quite hard to see, I prefer having a different background color. Is this easy to achieve (how?) or is still something wrong with my installation?

2. I am used to control everything by keyboard, whenever possible. Try this (: - Select "new supplier invoice" (not sure about the exact naming, using German translation)
- click into "supplier" and start typing
- as soon as the list comes up, press "cursor down": The name is placed inside the textbox - press "enter": The name stays and the list disappears (I would assume this is the normal behavior)
- press "tab" to go to the next field(s), fill as necessary
- push "create" button: Error message "supplier required" comes up and that field is empty again?!?

... now that I explained the necessary steps to reproduce the problem I found a workaround: Before I could only circumvent this error by selecting the supplier with mouse click. Now I noticed instead of pressing "enter" just going forward from the selected entry with "tab" also works.
But still I'm not sure if this is intended...


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