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[Dolibarr-user] Dolibarr 3.2.1 maintenance release

From: Laurent Destailleur (eldy)
Subject: [Dolibarr-user] Dolibarr 3.2.1 maintenance release
Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2012 03:32:55 +0200
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Hi Dolibarr fans.

I go on holiday tomorrow. So for the two weeks I will be out, I prepared you a package of the future Dolibarr 3.2.1 version.
You will find it here :

This package is a release candidate for the maintenance release of Dolibarr 3.2.1. No new features, only bug fixes.
This is the changelog:

***** ChangeLog for 3.2.1 compared to 3.2.0 *****
- Fix: Edit of projects.
- Fix: Activation of modules does not fails if directory install was removed.
- Fix: [ bug #444 ] Regression on auto-closing for proposals and orders.
- Fix: Update translations (catalan, french, spanish, brazilian).
- Fix: [ bug #445 ] Hex escaping in descriptions.
- Fix: error when validating shipment for non predefined products with a
  selected warehouse.
- Fix: Bad local taxes if price base type is TTC for spanish local taxes.
- Fix: Phone not saved when using web service.
- Fix: [ bug #464 ] Payment form should allow to add transmitter for bank transfers.
- Fix: Allows to use a comma decimal separator in supplier invoices payments.
- Fix: Translation for tr_TR, es_ES, pt_BR.
- Fix: Products with no prices not visible.

It will be great if people of you than can test you can return their feedback (only bugs) on the bug tracker:
(you will have to create an account on
or onto dolibarr forums

Note that the Dolibarr 3.3 branch will probably be freeze just few days after this maintenance release is published officially.

Eldy (Laurent Destailleur).
EMail: address@hidden

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