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[Directvnc-user] air time

From: Kathleen Murray
Subject: [Directvnc-user] air time
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 20:59:22 +0200

We had a little brush with them just south of the border,he explained. He was hopelessly, helplessly under the spell of hercharms. Reckon I would have ef aSiwash hadnt come along an give me some water.
Many times have I beenupon the war trail.
Later in the day would come heat and silence. Tomorrow they would be back and she would return tothe post with them. Thatwas as near as he would come to asking where Juh was. These women get terriblylonesome way out here, especially when their husbands are inthe field. Why then should he flaunt hissorrow in the faces of those whose burdens were as great ashis? Theywere as the dirt beneath his feet, for was he not an Apache,a war chief?
Well, she inquired presently, whats eatin you? Say that Shoz-Dijiji is no pindah lickoyee. Yep, said Billings, I reckon as how I am. Itaint a good thing to encourage out this away.
Shoz-Dijiji will throw away all his weapons except hisknife, said the young warrior.
The Captains wife is an old friend of mymothers.
Thelieutenant struggled, but the man who held him was a giantin strength.
Nakay-do-klunni is dead, replied Shoz-Dijiji. There is a place where the trail runs between thesteep walls of a canyon.
Heranged northern Sonora, a solitary figure, grim, terrible.
Perhaps Juhwould come soon, but he was impatient.
He saved me once from a tin-horn whowas tryin to get fresh. No kill, snapped Shoz-Dijiji with finality. No kill, snapped Shoz-Dijiji with finality.

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