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[Directvnc-user] multitude

From: Ned Vargas
Subject: [Directvnc-user] multitude
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2006 18:52:21 +0900

He drew his fingersexpressively down his wasted cheeks. Ah, youmust think Im as evil as yourself.
And Im going to get it, he added with alittle more spirit. It had nearly trapped him at Murrumburra; it was tempting him withthe same delusion now. Againthe irresistible desire TO KNOW overcame him.
But, after all, how little the historian canunderstand.
Its all aquestion what he can get with the least trouble.
She walked to the edge of the veranda and leant her face against apost to cool it.
The immense stillness of a dry midwinter layover the bush.
Gursey took the precaution notto sleep at all. Whats this about you and Pat OConnor and that gang, he askedoffhand. See that, he cried, as ifdemonstrating a subtle act of diabolical injustice to an audience.
Youretalking in the dark, he said impatiently.
I wouldnt care to see Joe paying me a call. Jesuitical reasoning that collapsed when Emma had made it clearjust WHY he should send Gursey away. Atthe door of his room he paused and looked back. Cabell turned his head away and scowled through the window. But Gursey seemed relieved to be questioned about McGovern. Havent I told you he doesntwant Gurseys money? They say youretalking about going back to England.
Im not trying to get anything out of YOU.
Denniss paper, the Hawk,had just published its exposure of Emma and her connection withBlack Jem. The piping of the curlew sounded from faraway now, distorted to a macabre wail by the distance. But bushfires delayed him on the road,and by the time he arrived the situation had quite changed. Now, theres afine chance to get that sod on the hip.
Strangely the sound of Emmas firmstep going about comforted him.
Im ready toforget the past if it forgets me.

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