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[Directvnc-user] Big, high-yield business is looking for new clients

From: Gale
Subject: [Directvnc-user] Big, high-yield business is looking for new clients
Date: Fri, 01 Sep 2006 07:30:48 -0800
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Hello there!

Let me introduce HY-Invest Program:
Financial Investments Active

Investing with Finacial Investments Active brings you more than long term investments and putting your money into a bank. You pick the plan, choose to or not to reinvest your daily returns and enjoy your investment grow - make it double, triple or even make it four or five times bigger. You don't have to wait years - we have a wide choice of flexible investment terms. Even in 30 days you can seriously strengthen your assets!

Program specifications:
General info:
- Real working company
- Toll free phone number
- Daily auto withdrawals
- No withdraw limits
- No transfer fees
- Refferal bonus up to 5%
- Minimal deposit only $0.01 and maximum $50,000
- Test plan - up to 200 percent in 24hrs (however, single member can invest
one time only using this plan)
- FI Active plan - 2-4 daily-percent for half a year(180days)
Support & Security:
- DDOS protection, full security for all transactions and databases.
- Live Support 365days a year
and other. . .

More information on the website:

This is NOT a spam message, but just an investment proposal! If You think different, pls send an empty message mailto:address@hidden with a subject UNSUBSCRIBE.

I wish you luck and lots of $ :)
Have a nice day!

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