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Re: [Directvnc-user] Problems and Suggestions

From: Tony Godshall
Subject: Re: [Directvnc-user] Problems and Suggestions
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 16:21:02 -0700
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On Thu, Jun 13, 2002 at 11:18:55AM +0200, Till Adam wrote:
> # Quoting Evan Langlois (address@hidden):
> > First, I can't compile against DirectFB 0.9.11, 0.9.10 seems to be the
> > only working version.  The include files seems to have changed some key
> > constants and such.
> Yes, there have been incompatible changes to the keyboard handling.
> Unfortunately, since the 0.9.11 release, there have been even more of those,
> so that what I have in cvs currently does only work against 0.9.12, which
> means current DFB cvs. I have decided to skip the 0.9.11 release and do 0.7
> when 0.9.12 comes out because of that. 

I hit that too.

Would be nice to have the web page indicate status.

> > Second, I would really like to be able to keep gpm running.  Is there
> > some way to make DirectFB recognize the gpm repeater device as being
> > valid?  I assume this is a DirectFB question, but directvnc is currently
> > the only DirectFB question, and I figured you may know the answer.
> I have never worked with gpm myself, but as far as I can see the dfb mouse
> driver accesses the hardware directly and conflicts with gpm. That would have
> to be dealt with in DFB. Cant be of much help here, sorry. Have you asked on
> the DFB list? 

I hit that too.  I use gpm as a way to use my slow
eraserhead mouse sometimes and my optical usb mouse other
times under both console and X.

If fact, vncdirect run just fine with /dev/mouse pointing to
/dev/gpmdata with the exception that it left a trail of
little rectangular droppings exactly the size of a cursor.

> > Also, when using vnc to an X session, the backspace key isn't mapped
> > properly it seems.  Is this a known issue? 
> Fixed in cvs, I believe.
> > I'm also unable to change virtual consoles, which would be a really
> > excellent feature ... then I could have multiple directvnc instances on
> > different screens.   Is there some way to make this possible?
> No, that doesnt work. You can switch consoles by setting the keyboard to XLATE
> forcefully with the help of the sysrq mechanism, but starting additional DFB
> processes (and therefor directvnc processes) wont work. I am planning on
> making directvnc window aware, so that you can start it in a dfb window and,
> with the multi application core currently in development, start additional
> versions of it. I am still debating whether directvnc itself should be able to
> manage several connections itself, each in a separate window. I think the
> multi app core solution is the easier and more flexible approach. What do you
> say?

I don't know which approach is most effective but I would
say this.  It should have

1) a way to switch vnc sessions with a keystroke (preferably
programmable).  Evan and I obviously made the same
assumption about how to do this easily, since I found this
messages looking specifically for this question, which is to
run a directvnc on each console and use ctrl-alt-F1..F6 to
choose a directvnc session.  But for my part, a directvnc
that manages multiple connections would also be just fine.

2) (optional) a way to switch vnc sessions with mouse.  A
meta-pager, if you will.

> > I've also had some problems with authentication if there is no password
> > set on the remote end .. the solution seems to be to set a password.  Is
> > this normal or a bug?
> Bug. I'm asking too early for the password. 

Actually I was surprised that you allow a cleartext password
on the commandline.  The other vncviewers expect a one-way
encrypted file reference only.  For security, I think (the
details are beyond me).

> Thanks a lot for the feedback, it is much appreciated.

Thanks for listening.

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