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[Dfey-nw-discuss] Plings Developer Day & Substance

From: Steven Flower
Subject: [Dfey-nw-discuss] Plings Developer Day & Substance
Date: Thu, 27 May 2010 17:14:56 +0100

Hi everyone

Just wanted to post two unrelated things:

1 - A few weeks ago the members of the cooperative (http://www.substance.coop/) I work at agreed a £500 donation to DfEY - as part of our policy to support local/relevant organisations from our annual accounts.  I know from quickly talking to Tim that this could be a slight issue in terms of paperwork etc - but just wanted to state that this offer was still open

2 - As some of you may know I work at Substance on a project called Plings.  We had a room at the 2morro festival last year, with Bristol Wireless running a LTSP network.  On 18th June we are holding a day for developers to look/share/build on the Plings API (http://plings.info/) , here in Manchester.  It is open to anyone - please register at http://plingsio.eventbrite.com/ - if anyone under 19 (or so) needs help with travel and expenses, then we would be happy to support

Just to reiterate - the these two items are not connected!



Steven Flower
3rd Floor
Fourways House
57 Hilton Street
M1 2EJ

0161 244 5440

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