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Cadenza time

From: Burgess Hill Community Food Bank
Subject: Cadenza time
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2021 12:12:05 +0000
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Hi Richard,
I have a piece which starts with 3 bars which are 10 seconds long and simply establish an atmosphere, with one solo mandolin playing odd numbers of high notes.
It is marked "senza misura", and 10 Seconds.
I assumed that I could set up the parts in the 6/8 - the time signature from bar 4 onwards - and then tell denemo that Cadenza started at the start of bar 1 and cadenza finishes at start of bar 4. I expected that on Typeset I'd see music starting in 6/8, marked Cadenza in some way and, having allowed me to put various notes into the bars in different parts, at bar 4 a nice 6/8 time signature and regular 6/8 bars from then on. There was no marking for Cadenza - probably I have to use Multiline Text - and the 6/8 was hidden. Indeed when I marked end of Cadenza time the only option I had was to hide it, and TimeSignature (Print) Hide doesn't seem to be a toggle.
I probably don't know what I am doing but it doesn't seem very intuitive.
Best wishes

Joe Wilkinson

Burgess Hill Community Food Bank (including Hassocks and Hurstpierpoint)

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