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[Cp-tools-discuss] gnu.bytecode

From: Elliott Hughes
Subject: [Cp-tools-discuss] gnu.bytecode
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 19:57:33 -0800

is this the right/a sensible place to talk about gnu.bytecode?

i know there's *a* copy of gnu.bytecode in the repository, but i know it's not *the* copy. for some reason, it was easier to find this list than any equivalent kawa one.

i've been writing a tool similar to javap/jcf-dump, but which outputs something in a form suitable for re-assembly into a .class file. aside from the lack of support for 1.5 changes, i've found that the LocalVariableTable support doesn't work (try gnu.classpath.tools.JavapMain or gnu.bytecode.dump on a class compiled with "javac -g" to see). there's a really simple fix for JavapMain and my disassembler, but i don't know if it'll break kawa or anything else that uses gnu.bytecode.

is this where i'd find people who're interested?


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