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[Cp-tools-discuss] missing data

From: Mark Howard
Subject: [Cp-tools-discuss] missing data
Date: 03 Oct 2002 18:35:44 +0100

I've been helping out with the Debian packaging of gjdoc. Currently,
packages which use javadoc either do not go into the main Debian
archive, or have some hideous hack done by the maintainers so that the
javadoc html is included in the upstream source tarball. The inclusion
of gjdoc should hopefully help out.

I have three problems at the moment which I have been unable to fix:

1) gjdoc.dtd is missing. This causes warnings when generating the html.
I can't find it anywhere in classpath CVS
2) classpath-copyright.xml is missing, also causing lots of warnings

3) The output doesn't include comments, only the class/method names and
parameter/return types.
Is this a known problem? How can I debug this?

All has been dome using the latest code from CVS.

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