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Re: [Cp-tools-discuss] cvs re-org and contributors/copyright assignment

From: Alex Lancaster
Subject: Re: [Cp-tools-discuss] cvs re-org and contributors/copyright assignment
Date: 06 Apr 2002 03:33:16 -0800
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>>>>> "NF" == Nic Ferrier <address@hidden> writes:


NF> Hi Danny! Good to see people interested in helping!

NF> You should sign (c) forms if you're going to make substantial
NF> changes.

NF> Do you have something specific that you want to do? If it's just
NF> bugs you probably don't have to sign (c) forms; in that case I
NF> suggest the best thing is to get the source from anonymous CVS and
NF> provide patches for that stuff that you're trying to do.

Yep, I believe he's already submitted some patches, but not to the
patch manager (which is my fault, as I hadn't enabled that at the time
he submitted them) there are three at:


My question is: do we need (C) assignment for these, or can I just go
ahead and install them?  What counts as "substantial", i.e. what's the
threshold needed for (C) asssignment?

NF> If you have got substantial changes what are they? It's best to
NF> raise the design issues here and if the people here agree then you
NF> could do the work and sign the forms as you go.

I think he'd like to be a developer with CVS write access, which is
fine with me, but I want to make sure that all is well as far as the
(C) issue is concerned, do all developers with CVS write access to GNU
projects need to sign forms etc?
>> Also, just wondering what the status was regarding the CVS reorg.
>> If you get time, please do go ahead and move things in their
>> correct subdirectories (e.g. in gjdoc), and delete the duplicate
>> "texinfo-doclet" subdirectory in cp-tools (which should probably be
>> renamed to "misc") I can then easily go ahead and fix any build
>> problems that may arise.

NF> I can't remember what I was doing here... I remember I moved one
NF> of the modules but didn't do the build stuff.

Please just go ahead and put it into the modulename/src as we
discussed on the list, I can worry about the build issues for gjdoc
and texinfo-doclet later...
>> There's not much point fixing the build problems until the CVS is
>> in the right shape...

NF> My build stuff works but is not adaptable enough. I have lots of
NF> projects that I want to apply it to but I don't have time to learn
NF> automake (which might help me make it more generic).

NF> I've been thinking about writing a tiny perl script to produce a
NF> makefile that does the things I need. This perl script would be a
NF> sort of equivalent of automake and could possibly be replaced by
NF> automake once I work out how to make automake generate the file in
NF> the right way.

Fine, perhaps I can figure out what you're trying to do from the Perl
script and then convert it into an automake format.

    Alex Lancaster * address@hidden * SourceForge Developer

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