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[Coposys-dev] Interesting tools that might be usefull

From: Olivier Berger
Subject: [Coposys-dev] Interesting tools that might be usefull
Date: 16 Aug 2001 11:58:22 +0200


I just notticed a couple interesting tools :

rmap ( :
"Simply put, rmap is a package that will allow you to generate images of
the earth from a distance or fairly zoomed in. The code is a small C
binary that reads a datafile of vectors to generate the image. The
actual image is generated from the libgd library, which will either
generate a gif, png, or jpeg based on the version of libgd and auxiliary
libs you have. Please see the libgd documentation regarding any
auxiliary libs your version might require. I've tried to make the code
be intelligent when you run configure, but I've not done much testing of
it yet. "

and xrmap (
"Xrmap is a program running under X that can interactively display
portions of the Earth, using the huge CIA world vector map. It is based
on an earlier console utility 'rmap'. It features political boundaries,
major and minor rivers, glaciers, lakes, canals, etc. The map remains
accurate under a very large zoom factor, which can possibly exceed 100.
Spherical, rectangular, Mercator and Miller projections are implemented,
and all features can be interactively set from the GUI."

C ya...

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