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[Ci-development] truthful treason

From: Albert Alvarez
Subject: [Ci-development] truthful treason
Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2006 22:42:07 -0200
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Love their Indian station! Steam rooms, hydrotherapy pools, cocktail bar, etc. If Old Spice had a "look," this would be it: browns, bricks, and wall sconces.
Humanity and all that.
Anytime you say "oil up" on network television, it's a good thing.
With a last-minute no-show on his hands, Letterman made do with one of the better Top Tens in recent memory. There will be Japanese dreadheads and Talib Kweli, but Harajuku Lovers will not be admitted.
But once night falls, the plexiglass covers the pools, the bathrobes are put away, and the place is magically "transformed" into an ultra-exclusive nightspot.
Love their Indian station!
com that reflected the big 'whoops' in installation of certain very high end cabinets in the apartment of the designers. Plus, they offer a Kobe beef hot dog, which is disgusting on both aesthetic and economic levels. Remember sitting on the deck of the indoor pool at your childhood YMCA, waiting for your turn to do laps? If Old Spice had a "look," this would be it: browns, bricks, and wall sconces. Is there any way we could see those classy ladies EAT the Tso's chicken, PUKE it back up, then seductively ROLL around in it, preferably while masturbating? He's not smiling, which a very hipsterish trait, but then again he's at a beach, in daytime sunlight - an environment no actual hipster could possibly withstand. After they cleared, Norton said, "I apologize for my gender. That settles it - it's an Adorable Little Chinese Kid, but when he grows up, he does have the Hipster Potential to become even more legendary than Steve Aoki.
Despite seeming old enough to have sired most of the other people at this party, Warbucks is not there to keep an eye on his wayward children's abuse of his credit card.
One has an earthy, sexy feel with warm natural candlelight, with emphasis on shadows and light.
It sounds like: discount on cabinets for free publicity?
How about naked chicks writhing around in General Tso's Chicken!
Observe the reactionary gamut from cheerful chatting to hunter-killer mode when nightlife enforcers are confronted with the camera. Humanity and all that.
i was talking to jason swartzmen about how weird the food was that they were serving.
Intimacy runs at such a premium! Sure, that head looks way too tiny for the body, but then we don't want to make any assumptions about Malkin's head size. Their new album Major Lodge Victory is in stores now. mc donalds, panda express, taco bell, KFC, dominos pizza. Mac and Cheese I think.
Paging through it, I noticed many of the stories focused on Jews and Jew-elated jewiness.

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