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Re: After upgrade to 5.3.0 chickadee is broken

From: T. Kurt Bond
Subject: Re: After upgrade to 5.3.0 chickadee is broken
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 2021 19:55:33 -0500

I first noticed this issue yesterday with chickadee, but I probably haven't used chicken for a couple of weeks.   Looking at homebrew, a precompiled chicken 5.3.0 was installed on 2021-12-13, probably as the result of my running brew upgrade, rather than deliberately updating Chicken .  When I went to work on some chicken scheme code yesterday I noticed that my code wasn't compiling because the eggs it uses weren't installed any more, and that's because of the update to 5.3.0.  I went about reinstalling the eggs and reinstalling the programs I've written in Chicken Scheme.  (I hadn't noticed because the ones that I use every day I always compile statically, so they didn't break; I'll just mention in passing that I'm really glad Chicken Scheme as the option to build things statically, for lots of reasons. :)  Anyway, as part of rebuilding my environment with 5.3.0 I reinstalled chicken-doc and chickadee (because I regularly work unconnected to the net), which led to noticing the problem in my original message.

I had not observed this problem with the 5.2.whatever-version that was installed prior to 5.3.0.

On Fri, Dec 24, 2021 at 1:34 PM Jim Ursetto <> wrote:
This does look suspicious. I don’t remember seeing this in 5.2 though (you had opened this ticket 16 months ago). Did this just manifest itself suddenly?

On Dec 24, 2021, at 11:06, Kon Lovett <> wrote:

similar -

On Dec 24, 2021, at 8:49 AM, T. Kurt Bond <> wrote:

Ok, I've figured out what went wrong, but I'm not sure why that happened.  Again, this is happening on macOS using homebrew to install CHICKEN Scheme 5.3.0.  

The commands that create .../share/chicken and copy the directory chickadee to it use /usr/local/Cellar/chicken/5.3.0/usr/local/Cellar/chicken/5.3.0/share/chicken instead of /usr/local/Cellar/chicken/5.3.0/share/chicken.  That is, it repeats the /usr/local/Cellar/chicken/5.3.0/ part, so the files end up in the wrong place.

Here are the commands from

mkdir -p "${DESTDIR}"'/usr/local/Cellar/chicken/5.3.0/usr/local/Cellar/chicken/5.3.0/share/chicken'
cp -v -r '/Users/tkb/.cache/chicken-install/chickadee/chickadee' "${DESTDIR}"'/usr/local/Cellar/chicken/5.3.0/usr/local/Cellar/chicken/5.3.0/share/chicken'

So, something is going wrong when is generated.

I've added an issue in the chickadee github repository:

On Thu, Dec 23, 2021 at 12:30 PM T. Kurt Bond <> wrote:
I'm using macOS with chicken from homebrew.

I installed chicken-doc and then chickadee, but now when I run "chickadee serve" I get the following message:

$ chickadee  serve

Error: (change-directory) cannot change current directory - No such file or directory: "/usr/local/Cellar/chicken/5.3.0/share/chicken/chickadee"

Call history:

spiffy.scm:548: chicken.condition#with-exception-handler
spiffy.scm:548: ##sys#call-with-values
spiffy.scm:548: scheme#eval
<syntax>  (let () (import openssl) ssl-port?)
<syntax>  (##core#let () (import openssl) ssl-port?)
spiffy.scm:548: k691
spiffy.scm:547: g694
spiffy.scm:610: dynamic-import
spiffy.scm:548: scheme#call-with-current-continuation
spiffy.scm:548: chicken.condition#with-exception-handler
spiffy.scm:548: ##sys#call-with-values
spiffy.scm:548: scheme#eval
<syntax>  (let () (import openssl) ssl-port->tcp-port)
<syntax>  (##core#let () (import openssl) ssl-port->tcp-port)
spiffy.scm:548: k691
spiffy.scm:547: g694   <--

And, indeed, that directory is missing.  I've uninstalled chickadee and installed it again, but that made no difference. 

Any idea of what is going wrong?


T. Kurt Bond,,

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