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[Ccrtp-devel] Lost packet statistics

From: Jörgen Terner
Subject: [Ccrtp-devel] Lost packet statistics
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 08:12:44 +0100

Hi again!

Now, I'm having trouble with statistics. I call the 
SyncSourceLink::getCumulativeLostPackets()-method (iqueue.h). It seems, 
however, that the baseSeqNum used in SyncSourceLink::computeStats()-method 
always is zero. 

I expected the method SyncSourceLink::initSequence to be called when the first 
packet arrived. First, the method is never called when I run my tests (might be 
because of my tests i guess), secondly I expected it to initiate the baseSeqNum 
but it doesn't.

Now, I've added a line to IncomingDataQueue::recordReception to initiate the 

        if ( result ) {
                // the packet is considered valid.
                srcLink.lastPacketTime = recvtime;
                if ( srcLink.getObservedPacketCount() == 1 ) {
                        // ooops, it's the first packet from this source
                        srcLink.baseSeqNum = pkt.getSeqNum();  // Added by me 

Now, at least the number of lost packets is not HUGE but still, the number of 
lost packets is about twice the number of received packets. Might of course be 
because of the client I use in these tests. To get the statistics I stream a 
quicktime-file with JM Studio and I've not looked how it generate the sequence 

Anyone using the statistics from ccrtp?


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