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[Ccrtp-devel] This month and next

From: David Sugar
Subject: [Ccrtp-devel] This month and next
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2004 22:13:28 -0400
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While I had been sick for part of the past month, this month I am moving.  I 
am actually relocating further down the coast and along the ocean, assuming 
the coastline doesn't migrate any time soon.  Hence, I do not expect to be 
very available to review or test very many changes for this month either.  
Federico does very excellent work with ccrtp, and we do have several people 
that do help me maintain GNU Common C++ and GNU Bayonne in cvs, so this 
should not effect current work in progress.

I will also be in France, between the 4th of July and Bastile day, for this 
year's annual Libre Software Meeting (, being held again 
in Bordeaux.  I believe we will also have Federico there, and if so he will 
be presenting on ccrtp.  It will also be very nice to see the very latest 
developments in yate, and to test how well Bayonne and other systems can be 
made to intercommunicate using sip.

We recently distributed a new version of the testing branch for Bayonne, and I 
have transferred initial IPV6 support to the stable2 branch for Common C++ 
cvs for final testing.  There will likely be a IPV6 release of Common C++ 
(1.2.0) before I leave for France if everyone is happy with this 
implementation.  I may also introduce one or more additional releases from 
the Bayonne testing branch as we will be using that for testing Bayonne SIP 
interoperability at the LSM next month.

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