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[ccd2cue] Any chance of a Windows build in the future?

From: Marcus Naylor
Subject: [ccd2cue] Any chance of a Windows build in the future?
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2016 21:23:46 +0100

Hello there.

I'm a Windows user, and am aware of your little tool that could come in *really* handy in CMD-based batch conversions of CloneCD cuesheets to the traditional CUE format without the need for any GUIs or virtual drives.  Only problem is that nobody has ever compiled a Windows binary for it, or at least not one on a page that's still available via googling.

I'm not very good at trying to compile code myself unfortunately.  I've dabbled in both Cygwin and MinGW/MSYS many a time but have not always been able to get a fully operational EXE out of them, whether it be due to missing source files or "undefined" references, or just any other, less decipherable error that melts my poor fragile brain and makes me want to rage-quit, frankly.

After my own attempts to compile it came to no avail, I did try asking one known Cygwin compiler if they could make the build themselves, but their attempts were met with many "undefined references" to 'argp' and 'libintl' during the compiling process, according to the log they sent me.  According to him though, he saw this kind of error on a different package and hence it's not related to ccd2cue.  Hmmm.

Bottom-line question is:  can it be made for Windows or not?  What would need changing to make it more compatible with Cygwin or even MinGW?  This tool is pretty much the missing link in my batch-script intentions - no other program out there seems to do what I'm specifically after!

Did try looking at the IRC channel for help but it looks abandoned.  That or I just happened to turn up during closing hours.  Meh.

Looking forward to a hopefully optimistic response! :)

Thank you,


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