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[C2m-project] Finances.com It's still not too late to ride this wave

From: Finances.com classification
Subject: [C2m-project] Finances.com It's still not too late to ride this wave
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2006 08:13:17 -0400

Watching uptrends and downtrends is a tricky thing, is that not? Apart from that, you can benefit from using information not available to everyone. Interested? Just keep reading!
Smaller stock, bigger opportunity! This stock has been showing signs of amazing growth recently.
We have been keeping you posted on RRE F for the last
few days.We have w atched the pric e steadily climb up and down
it is really beginning to get inv estors excited as their
hopes begin to become a reality.

Its not to late. RR EF is still at a good pric e to get in
at just $0.75.

Rocket stock pick is what pro traders say about this one.
Do you know the greatest thing about money? It allows you not to do things you dislike! So, I wish you to make enough money to get this opportunity!

We are expecting big news release tomorrow, that will
make the pric e Explod e!

Jump in with RR EF on Fri Morning and see just how
big your returns will be before the the pr ice reaches the top.

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