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[C2m-project] Re: WARNING

From: Tasha Early
Subject: [C2m-project] Re: WARNING
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2006 16:43:09 -0400
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I killed her because she was a cockadoodie brat, and that was reason enough. ""What seemed like the hand of Providence, Annie? "The climate inside her, he had come to discover, was like springtime in the Midwest. Because you went on living to find out what happened next, isn't that what you're really saying? Ramage could do to keep herself from shrieking and fleeing in a panic which would not abate but grow stronger with each step; if she began running, she knew, she would simply run until she fell down insensible. He could see this but reached anyway, unable to believe Fate or God or Whoever could be so cruel. His first cursory glance had taken in the shelves with their stacks of folded sheets and pillow-cases and washcloths and towels."Colter, these sounds you say you hear. She had hers; he was already in his. "Come on, come on, come on. Could be that's why she took my left thumb. You're lucky I have any morphine at all.

Psychotics can cope in the world — after a fashion — and sometimes, as I think you well know, they get away with some very nasty shit. Fortunately or unfortunately, he did not have the crutch of mental illness to fall back on. ""Just the shift of the pages against each other will accomplish plenty of blurring over a period of weeks or ever days,»he said, "and when a manuscript is in work, it get shifted around a lot. "Three quick dull thumps as Annie dropped her knuckles on the manuscript — 190,000 words and five lives that a well and pain-free Paul Sheldon had cared deeply about, 190,000 words and five lives that he was finding more dispensable as each moment passed. If it was obvious to him even through the haze of pain he had been living in, it would surely have been obvious to her colleagues. The hubs of the wheelchair had not actually scored through the paint, as he had feared, but only scuffed it. Let me tell you, Paul — I've stretched thread and strands of hair from my own head all over this house and have found many of them snapped later on. It's only five in the afternoon, but that is no problem for these kitties; as far as South American lions are concerned, that dinner-at-eight shit is for goofballs. His work did not suffer, but his mood did; he felt more and more that he was living in a cloud chamber, breathing an atmosphere thick with uncoalesced electricity. When Annie arrived back at quarter of three that afternoon, her normally frizzy hair flattened around her head in the shape of the helmet she had been wearing, she was in a silent mood that seemed to indicate tiredness and reflection rather than depression. The gotta, as in: "I think I'll stay up another fifteen-twenty minutes, honey, I gotta see how this chapter comes out. He had no idea if what he had seen was licit or illicit, and by the time he had walked another two or three blocks, he no longer cared. He meant to get out if he could rain or no rain; this was his chance and this time he meant to take it. There was a Kreig lock on the pantry door now, and a bolt on the bulkhead almost as thick as his wrist. Then he saw that the first Paul Sheldon's face had turned a ghastly white as soon as the sand struck it and fear jerked him out of the dream and into the bedroom, where Annie Wilkes was standing over him. It sounds as if she were still alive down there and tryin»to work her way back up to the land o»the livin", so it does! In addition she told him that she had read each of his eight novels at least twice, and had read her very favorites, the Misery novels, four, five, maybe six times. The flesh of her face, which had previously seemed so fearsomely solid, now hung like lifeless dough. More than anything else, that buttoned coat suggested that Annie had been right: so far, this was just a routine check-back. He crawled through the door, expecting her hand to settle around his ankle again at any moment, but that did not happen. Some part of her mind must already have had this gruesome thought and suppressed it, for she needed no explanation at all. Maybe I'm going to punch out, but I swear to God I'm not going to do it until I get a chance to show my number-one fan just how much I've enjoyed getting to know her.

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