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[C2m-project] drier cowboy

From: Salome Evans
Subject: [C2m-project] drier cowboy
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2006 21:34:21 +0300
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I find that hilarious.
Maybe someone has the time to go over the list and match it up with what we already have?
Correction: Added second half of document. Or six months more discovery. We are resting on a comfortable couch at the venue she is playing tonight in Louisville, KY as I tell her this.
They will be retained in the clerks office for public access. He even wrote a book about it back then, and he attaches excerpts from the book. No arrests have been made.
Novell is trying to win.
And leaving specific code out of this, they never noticed file systems in Linux, for example, were quite a lot like Unix?
Maybe someone has the time to go over the list and match it up with what we already have?
I know you join me in thanking Mark for writing this for us.
Or six months more discovery.
Man pages are included of course. SCO knew what was in there with specificity, he testifies, and released under the GPL knowingly. Help spread the word about AmericanaRoots.
End game is turning out to be fun. Maybe the court would allow us to make copies of the DVD, minus the sealed materials?
If you have additional questions or subjects you'd like explained, this is your opportunity to put in your requests.
They say they have them on DVD, though, so hint to the clerk: that means they are already digital.
For example, IPX was contributed to Linux by SCO.
We do need to get these exhibits, don't you agree?
I find that hilarious.
I see a declaration by John Terpstra too.

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