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feedback on sort command

Subject: feedback on sort command
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2004 10:58:40 +0530

Dear developers,

      We have been using linux operating system (9.0 ver) since 1 year.
We have one problem with sort command.

      when we are using -r option ( i.e. reverse or descending order )
it is doing well.

       But, when we want to sort the file with two keys.. 1 key as normal
and another key with -r option..the sort command is doing the two keys with 
reverse order.  ( i.e. it is reversing the total two fields..instead of 1 field)

       Actually we want to sort 1 key with ascending order and within that 
another key with reverse order..

       Can u please guide in this regard.

        I am working in life insurance corporation of india as a computer 
operator..and i am developing a shell to simplify the sort procedure..

        Herewith I am attaching the shell ..please go thru ..

lic of india
chirala, prakasam district
andhra pradesh, india
---work phone : 08594 232615---residence: 9849081997-----

Thanking you


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