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Re: can't say it's a bug... but i can't figure out how to Paste

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: can't say it's a bug... but i can't figure out how to Paste
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2004 19:04:23 -0700
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Lindsey, Monica Elizabeth wrote:
> I have 2 files which I would like to paste so that the data appears
> in 2 columns. But the way I'm doing it, the second file always
> overwrites the first. FYI - I'm used to pasting in Unix...

You imply that the paste you are using operates differently from the
paste traditionally found on unix systems.  The GNU paste command
should behave at least reasonably even not on GNU or UNIX systems.
However if someone has ported GNU paste to a system and changed the
behavior then you will probably need to take up the issue with
whomever ported the software.

  paste --version
  paste (coreutils) 5.0.91

If it does not say something like that (or GNU textutils) then it is
not the GNU paste command.  I am suspicious that it might a different
program if it behaves differently.  Or a port which is broken.

GNU coreutils is a merge of GNU textutils, shellutils and fileutils.
The name has been changed to reflect the merging of those three

> Here's what i do:
> (create the input files)
> echo one > 1
> echo two > 2
> (paste them together)
> paste 1 2 > 3

Thank you for that simple and well behaved test case.

> At this point, with a Unix paste I would have a file named 3
> containing the words "one two".  but with this Windows paste, the
> only word in the file is " two".

I agree.  Looks like a bug in the paste command you are using.  But I
could not recreate the bug using the GNU paste command.  I think you
must be using a paste command from somewhere else.

> What am I doing wrong?

Nothing.  Your example is fine.  I think your paste command is broken.
I think it is not the GNU paste command.  Another possibility is that
someone ported GNU paste but broke it during the port.

Since you say you are using MS-Windows then I suggest using the Cygwin
port of the GNU software.


However, we are not MS people over here on this GNU coreutils list.
So if you have MS-Windows specific question concerning Cygwin you
should take that up on the Cygwin lists.  They are the experts there.


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