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Re: Tail bug (or feature?)

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: Tail bug (or feature?)
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 10:46:01 -0700
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Peter S. Vasilyev wrote:
> I'm using GNU utils for win32 and I have a problem.

Thanks for taking the time to report a problem.  But when reporting
problems please say what version of the program you are using.
Frequently it is found that the program isn't even one of the ones
maintained here!

  tail --version

> File mode12.dat contains 10576 lines:
> D:>wc mode12.dat
>   10576   81512 1061137 mode12.dat
> D:>tail -n=10570 mode12.dat > 12
> C:\WINNT\System32\tail.EXE: =10570: invalid number of lines
> Why?

You have used an incorrect syntax.  The '=' is bogus there.  Use one
of these instead.

  tail -n 10570 mode12.dat > 12
  tail -n10570 mode12.dat > 12
  tail --lines=10570 mode12.dat > 12


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