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Re: sort.exe on win2k

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: sort.exe on win2k
Date: Sat, 31 May 2003 11:31:05 -0600
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Fossen, Chuck wrote:
> I'm trying to use sort.exe called from a perl script. When I do this,
> sort tries to make a file /tmp/sort0340800000 that it cannot open
> because it is using forward slashes. I can use the -T (-T .) to set the
> temp dir but it still uses the the forward slash. As in:
> sort:  ./sort0340800000: No such file or directory

Since say you are using sort.exe on win2k I assume you are probably
using the Cygwin Toolset then.  But the bug makes me think you are
not.  Or maybe that you should be.  :-)

Also, you did not say what version of sort you are using.  That is
very important information.

  sort --version

> It works fine from the command line. Is there some interaction with
> perl?

You reported behavior certainly sounds like it.  Does perl on your
system set TMPDIR, perhaps to "."?  That would cause sort to try for
"./sortblahblah" as you are seeing.

But I am not convinced the problem is the type of slashes.  I think
that might be a red herring.

> Is there any way around this?

If it is not TMPDIR or another environment variable from perl then I
don't know what else to suggest.  Perhaps you could update to the
latest Cygwin version and see if that solves your problem.

Thank you for reporting that problem.  Unfortuntely I am going to have
to redirect you.  Here is a canned reply.

The hard work the Cygwin team has put in to developing the GNU Project
on Windows is greatly admired.  However the GNU team generally uses
GNU systems and do not have access to Cygwin systems or MS-Windows
systems which means that most of us can't help you.  It would be most
appreciated if you would make your bug report directly to the Cygwin
folks.  They are the experts and best suited to handle your problem.

Cygwin Home Page


Cygwin FAQ.


Cygwin Bug Report Guidelines. This is a good reference for general bug



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