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Bug in some textutils handling of fread()/EOF

From: Michael Bacarella
Subject: Bug in some textutils handling of fread()/EOF
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 12:37:30 -0500
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How to reproduce:

    1. Run md5sum interactively.  Make sure you're using textutils
    md5sum, some GNU/Linux distributions (like Debian) have their own
    md5sum and rename the one from textutils to something like md5sum.textutils.
        $ md5sum
    2. Type one line of text into md5sum, then hit CR. "foobar" works.
        $ md5sum

    3. Now hit EOF.  Nothing should happen (the bug)
        $ md5sum

    4. Hit EOF again.  Now it should exit.
        $ md5sum
        14758f1afd44c09b7992073ccf00b43d  -

Doing this again under strace reveals:

    read(0, foobar
    "foobar\n", 4096)               = 7
    read(0, "", 3072)                       = 0
    read(0, "", 3072)                       = 0
    [..other stuff removed..]
    close(0)                                = 0

  that fread() ends up being called again, even though it has
already found EOF.  The bug in some textutils is that they are expecting
slightly different fread() libc semantics.

They are expecting fread() to return 0 when it reaches EOF.  Specifically
when fread() is used with size = 1, nmemb > 1.

This is untrue.  fread() can return non-zero but still report EOF.
The three attached patches save this unnecessary additional call
to fread() in cksum, md5sum and sha1sum.

There may be other instances, but these are the only ones that
have affected me. ;)


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