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Why doesn't sort sort this file?

From: Hans van Buitenen
Subject: Why doesn't sort sort this file?
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2003 16:07:54 +0100

Why doesn't sort sort

 1060  man sort
 1063   sort -f --key=20 -o F004 F003
 1064  man sort
 1065   sort -f --key=20,110 -o F004 F003
 1066  man sort
 1067   sort -fds --key=20,110 -o F004 F003
 1068  man sort
 1069   sort -f --key=20,110 -dso F004 F003
 1070  man sort
 1071   sort -k 20 F003
 1072   sort -k 20 F003
 1073   sort -k 20 F003
 1074   sort -k 2 F003
 1075   sort F003
 1076   sort -d F003
 1078   sort -d F003
 1079  man sort
 1080   sort -b F003
 1081   sort -k20 F003
 1082   sort -k 20 F003
 1083   sort -k 20 F003
 1084   sort -k=20 F003
 1085   sort -k20 F003
 1086   sort --key=20 F003
 1087   sort --key=20,200 F003
 1088   sort -b --key=20,200 F003
 1089  man sort
 1090  info sort
 1092  cat F003 | sort
 1093  cat F003 | sort -b
 1094  cat F003 | sort -k 20
 1095  history | grep sort

First, sort didn't seem to sort at all, just mixed up the lines
i Can't get the -k switch to work
Later on sort sems to take away heading spaces and just start sorting there
With or without -b doesn't help
The -k switch doesn't seem to work.

I feel supid right now :o(

The file is the result of a google search on "open-source .nl"
(without the quotes)
and needs to be sorted at kol 20

Report bugs to address@hidden

address@hidden hans]$ sort --version
sort (textutils) 2.0.14
Written by Mike Haertel and Paul Eggert.

Regards, Hans van Buitenen

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