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Re: bug in the "sort" command

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: bug in the "sort" command
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 2003 11:47:59 -0700
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Paulo C?sar Zegarra Lazarte <address@hidden> [2003-01-03 15:06:32 -0600]:
> My name is Paulo Zegarra and I had troubles using the sort command when i try 
> to use it with the next syntasys 
> sort -ut/ +2n +1n +0n

Thank you for your report.  But you did not include very much
information.  I do not think we can isolate your problem based upon
what you provided.

> when i use this syntaxis to sort files who content dates separated by  /   in 
> the format dd/mm/YYYY I can get the result but  it doesn't work if i use it 
> in the crontab (background) and if I have several dates in the same file the 
> sort command blank my result.

Because you say it works differently when run from cron versus when
run from you on the command line I suspect environment variables are
different.  Check 'LANG' and make sure it is set the same in both.

  echo $LANG

If you can provide a small test case that completely recreates the
problem it would help.  Here is an example.

  cat > testfile <<EOF

  export LC_ALL=POSIX
  sort < testfile

Also, we will need to know the version of sort.

  sort --vesion
  uname -a


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