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Feature request in md5sum and sha1sum

From: Eric M. Hopper
Subject: Feature request in md5sum and sha1sum
Date: Fri Nov 29 14:28:47 2002

In various file sharing systems, and in other places, base32 notation is
become standard.  Partly this is because it is a little more human
friendly because case does not matter and it's shorter than base16. 
This is also partly because the two most commonly used digest formats
are a multiple of 5 bits long.

I request that a feature be added to md5sum and sha1sum to get them to
print out their digests in base32 (0-9[a-vA-V]) format.

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be properly armed.  -- Alexander Hamilton
-- Eric Hopper (address@hidden  http://www.omnifarious.org/~hopper) --

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