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quotearg.c mbstate_t used without ifdef

From: msdemlei
Subject: quotearg.c mbstate_t used without ifdef
Date: Tue Nov 26 19:26:07 2002
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I was just cross compiling the textutils to get fmt on my zaurus when
I noticed that in textutils 2.1, lib/quotearg.c, function
quotearg_buffer_restyled, around line 434, you have the
                mbstate_t mbstate;
The compiler attempts to compile this even if config.h has
#define HAVE_MBSTATE_T 0
-- which probably is not what autoconf is all about.

This is no emergency -- clearly, I can't do multibyte in the
first place, so I've just commented the else clause out, hoping
it won't bite me, but I thought you might like to know.



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