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Re: testutils2.1 fails to configure on HPUX 10.20 using HP tools

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: testutils2.1 fails to configure on HPUX 10.20 using HP tools
Date: Tue Nov 26 11:34:13 2002

Thanks for the report.

Would you please try the latest release?  It may work better.


If not, please look at config.log and see if you can find the cause.
Note that the package name has changed to coreutils.

Jost Martin <address@hidden> wrote:
> I tried to configure textutils2.1 on HPUX 10.20 with HP tools.
> export CC=cc
> export CXX=aCC
> export CPPFLAGS="-I/pd/libs/include/"
> export LDFLAGS=" -L/pd/libs/lib/"
> export CFLAGS="+DAportable -Aa +O2"
> export CXXFLAGS="+DAportable -AA +O2"
> ./configure -prefix=/pd/text2.1 --without-gcc
> This gives:
> ...
> checking for getmntinfo function... no
> checking for getmnt function... no
> checking for next_dev... no
> checking for fs_stat_dev... no
> checking fs_info.h usability... no
> checking fs_info.h presence... no
> checking for fs_info.h... no
> checking for BEOS mounted file system support functions... no
> checking whether it is possible to resort to fread on /etc/mnttab... no
> configure: error: could not determine how to read list of mounted filesystems

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