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cut bug?

From: Bill Cecchin
Subject: cut bug?
Date: Thu Nov 7 12:47:44 2002

I am not sure if this is a bug or just lack of knowledge on my part.  In
Unix I could always use 'cut' to pull the needed fields out of our text
files.  In GNU Utilities I can't find any combination of parameters that
will allow using 'cut' on a file delimited by spaces.  Is it possible to
cut a file using a SPACE as a delimiter between fields?  I got around this
by first substituting a ',' for a space between the fields.  I still feel
there should be a way to use a ' ' (space) as a field delimiter.  Thank
you.      SmileS

Bill Cecchin - GIS
USDA-FS Tahoe National Forest
E-Mail:   address@hidden
Phone: 530-478-6247   Fax: 530-478-6109

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