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Re: tr bug

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: tr bug
Date: Thu Sep 26 12:48:02 2002
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Rafa? Basiewicz <address@hidden> [2002-09-26 12:27:49 +0200]:
> see this:
> echo "mmEnn" | tr -s [:lower:] [:upper:]
> &
> echo "MMeNN" | tr -s [:upper:] [:lower:]
> bug?
> textutils 2.0.14

Try this.  What do you get?

  LC_ALL=POSIX locale

  echo "mmEnn" | LC_ALL=POSIX tr -s [:lower:] [:upper:]
  echo "MMeNN" | LC_ALL=POSIX tr -s [:upper:] [:lower:]

I am sure that you will find it functioning correctly when not using
whatever locale you are currently using.  LC_ALL is the highest
priority override.  If you check your environment you will probably
find LANG or one of the other normally used variables set to something
which is broken for you.


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