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Re: tail -f will not work with IIS generated log files

From: Matthew Smith
Subject: Re: tail -f will not work with IIS generated log files
Date: Thu Sep 26 04:01:06 2002

> Bit of bummer because getting "tail" to monitor IIS was the VERY reason I
> downloaded and installed www.CyGWin.com .  I'm wondering:
>  1) When might someone fix this?

It will get fixed as soon as you submit a patch for it!  Seriously.  All of
the cygwin people work on a volunteer basis.  We all have lives/jobs to
contend with, and contribute to cygwin when we can.  If you have a feature
you must have, implement it.  It's that simple.

>(extend "tail" to deal with the IIS log
> tricks, and thus making a more powerful "tail")  tail doesn't display so
> surely stripping out pre-allocated buffer space at the end (perhaps
> in MS-DOS, it's preceded by a ^Z), but not going back to see if that space
> it skipped has changed, or just not noticing any changes because , as
> suggested, it's probably just looking at the size of the file. What it
> probably should be looking at first is the mod-date, and when that
> continue outputting it's output at the point where it found no more valid
> text, NOT necessarily the end of the file.  This minor redesign could then
> be folded back into the Gnu sources, for a more powerful tail for

I agree, it sounds simple. I eagerly await your changes.

-Matt Smith
cygwin textutils maintainer

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