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make check in textutils-2.1 on macosx

From: Mike Brescia
Subject: make check in textutils-2.1 on macosx
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2002 14:56:44 -0400

I expect this is already reported, but am not familiar enough with gnats or whatever is used on bug reports.

OS is macosx 10.1.5
/bin/sh is /bin/zsh version 3.0.8

configure:1312: checking build system type
configure:1330: result: powerpc-apple-darwin5.5

When running "make check", some of the tests fail, unless the VERBOSE flag (VERBOSE=yes in environment) is set. One example is tests/misc/split-a.

In addition, in tests/Makefile, the target envvar-check prints out the error message noting that CDPATH has been set. (Seems to be set as part of zsh).

        You seem to have set the CDPATH environment variable,
        this might cause some of the tests in this package to fail.

There does not seem to be a problem with any of the tests when the VERBOSE flag is on, so I expect the problem is a minor script issue rather than an indication that any of the tests really fail.

The specific tests which fail (when not VERBOSE)/ are:

Making check in misc
FAIL: split-a
cmp: EOF on out
FAIL: head-pos
head: illegal option -- c
Usage: head [-n lines] [file ...]
head: illegal option -- c
Usage: head [-n lines] [file ...]
FAIL: head-c

Making check in od
FAIL: od-N

Making check in sum
FAIL: sysv

Making check in tail-2
FAIL: assert
FAIL: assert-2

The action shown above running "misc/head-c" seems to show that the wrong head program is executing; that's the output you get ("head: illegal option -- c") from /usr/bin/head "$NetBSD: head.c,v 1.10 1998/01/31 20:42:07 christos Exp $"

I was able to work around this by manually setting PATH envar to have the 'src' directory at the front.

It appears that there is something weird with this particular version of zsh, or my understanding of how the search path is stabilized (or not) in zsh.

Oh, well.
 -- Mike

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