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Re: found a bug in head

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: found a bug in head
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 10:48:18 +0200
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Thanks for the report!

Unfortunately, Debian's woody is still based on textutils-2.0, even
though that version is quite old -- it's been almost 3(!) years.
The latest is textutils-2.0.21, and head from that package
no longer has the bug you report.  There have been many other
bug fixes and improvements since August, 1999.

Tamagucci <address@hidden> wrote:
> the bug I found is very simple to explain:
> address@hidden:~$ echo|head -08
> head: 08: number of lines is so large that it is not representable

> I'm using a debian woody, but I found that this bug
> is present even in the 2.0 original source code.

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