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man page md5sum

From: Douwe van der Schaaf
Subject: man page md5sum
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 10:43:06 +0100

I don't understand the --check option in the manpage
It reads as:

md5sum [OPTION] --check [FILE]

and adds as  a dwscription:

 -c, --check
              check MD5 sums against given list

The question is: How to tell the program where this list is.
Or should it be included somehow in the tar-ball (or bzip2-ball).

It is not mentioned in the manpage, so I have to guess.

Indeed ftp-providers provide tarr-balls & bz2-balls with a accompaigning (is 
that spelled correct?) file with a list of md5sums.
You can only do a visual comparison of the output of 
md5sum-with-your-downloaded-file & the numbers given on the site of the 

Hope you will provide a better manpage.

PS. Visual inspection of md5sums learned me that my download was correct :-)

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