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Cygwin specific textutils questions/patch

From: Matthew Smith
Subject: Cygwin specific textutils questions/patch
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 18:39:27 -0500


    I've enclosed a cygwin specific patch by Chris Faylor (of redhat).  The
only change is a fix to md5sum so that the input file is opened in 'text'
mode when the '-c' option is given.  I've updated the patch (it was
originally made for 2.0) so that it's against 2.0.14.  You might want to put
an #ifdef CYGWIN around it, if you decide to commit it.
    A couple of other questions/comments about 2.0.14:

1) I had to change src/Makefile (generated using ./configure --prefix=usr),
so that the INSTALL line used /usr/bin/install -c (like it did in 2.0).

2) Why is locale stuff put in prefix/lib now, instead of prefix/share?  Is
there some easy way to change this during the build process?  This problem
is currently keeping me from releasing a new version of textutils on cygwin.

Thanks very much, and I apologize ahead of time if any of these
comments/questions are inappropriate for this list.

-Matt Smith
maintainer, cygwin textutils

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