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Command "tail" printing of '\b' and '\t' Characters

From: Kevin R Frank
Subject: Command "tail" printing of '\b' and '\t' Characters
Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2001 10:24:29 -0400

---------------------- Forwarded by Kevin R Frank/Raleigh/IBM on 09/04/2001
10:18 AM ---------------------------

Kevin R Frank <address@hidden> on 09/04/2001 03:12:38 PM

Please respond to Kevin R Frank/Raleigh/address@hidden

To:   Kevin R Frank/Raleigh
Subject:  Command "tail" printing of '\b' and '\t' Characters


When using the command tail <file> on a file that contain the ASCII
characters '\b' (i.e backspace) or '\t' (tab), we get the following
characters printed to the terminal rather than the expected characters:

        '\b' --> ^H
        '\t' --> ^I

The output tty is formated incorrectly because these characters are
not expanded correctly.

Best Regards,
Kevin R Frank
IBM Microelectronics
IBM RTP, NC  (919)254-7420

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