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Re: sort acting like sort -d

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: sort acting like sort -d
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2001 07:04:52 +0200
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EdelSys Consulting <address@hidden> wrote:
> I am using Sort (GNU textutils) 2.0,
> that came with my Linux Mandrake distro,
> and it is ignoring all nonalphanumeric characters
> when I try to sort a file with it.  It's as
> if I am doing a sort -d, except that I am NOT
> specifying the -d, and I also have verified
> that the sort command is not being aliased by
> bash to add the -d.
> Why is this happening?

You are using the version of sort that comes with textutils-2.0
or newer and have reported a problem whereby it is sorting in
some non-ASCII order.

That is due not to a bug in sort, but to the fact that you have
set environment variables that direct sort to use improper locale-
specific tables (you or your vendor have probably set environment
variables like LANG, LC_ALL, or LANGUAGE to en_US).

Unset them, and then set LC_ALL to POSIX

  # If you use bash or some other Bourne-based shell,
  export LC_ALL=POSIX

  # If you use a C-shell,
  setenv LC_ALL POSIX

and sort will then work the way you expect.

BTW, in recent textutils test releases, sort --help output
includes this:

  *** WARNING ***
  This version of sort honors the locale settings in your environment.
  For example, if you set one of the LANG or LC_ALL environment variables
  to `en_US', then sort will work very differently than most people expect.
  If that's not what you want, then set LC_ALL to POSIX in your environment.

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